tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Here's another update, two small projects in one...really cool ey. First one is just a charachter series that I enjoy painting from time to time so it'll probably come moar of those. Seccond is a thing I did with my girlfriend, she made some concepts with my tablet and would do my version of em...I it's quite visible which is which. 
Stay bbacon

Hey, heres some unfinished pieces that been fried duruing the last weeks lot's of them are like 15-25minutes that I do while brushing em teeeth.
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onsdag 6 augusti 2014

Moar stuff from my personal project that still is without any decent title, I've started t owrite down some of it so I won't need to keep everything in my head.I have moar in my moleskine and in the thumbnail stage, but that is not yet to come, ps if someone has a  genuinely interest and want to know moar of this feel free to ask me and maybe I'll describe .
Edit: It now has a title which is SAGOR which moar or less means tales
Stay bacon